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Government / Mission Relief / Humanitarian

At Cobra Aviation, we specialize and have a lot of experience in military air transport. The aircraft we use are able to take any type of military cargo: whether it is Equipment, tanks, APCs, trucks, pallets, or accompanying soldiers. IL-761td should be your first choice. Should your cargo be larger, we are able to offer you multiple types of cargo aircraft available

Ilyushin– IL76 up to 40 Tone

Antonov- AN12 BK up to 20 Tone

Antonov– ANT 124 up to 5 Tone

Antonov- ANT 26 up to 5.500 kg

Antonov- ANT 32 up to 7.000 kg

Antonov-ANT 124-150 up to 150 Tone

Boeing- 747/400 up to 100 Tone

Boeing- 747/200 up to 80 Tone

Boeing- 737/300 up to 17 Tone

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