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Cobra Aviation is a 100% black female-owned level 1 BBBEE Contributor in the aviation industry.

Cobra acts as a single-window agency from where you can source the entire range of general aviation services. Ground handling, aircraft charter, aircraft leasing and maintenance, VIP facilitation through custom & immigration, baggage handling, flight.

dispatching, cabin crew recruitment, and catering.

Other services include consulting, cargo charter, and aircraft refueling a full range of flight support services in Africa to aircraft operators, commercial airlines, and military fleets.


– To be the leading aviation company offering diverse and professional services to the South African and African aviation industries.


To position ourselves as a standard conscious aviation company that prides itself on contributing to the economic development of South Africa and Africa


 – Customer Focused

– Pride

– Accountability & Integrity

– Safety & Privacy

 – Value for Money

 – Service Excellence

 – Pride


Zehiera Malik
President & Owner.


Zehiera Malik is proud to present Cobra Aviation as the first 100% black-woman-owned non-scheduled and scheduled, cargo airline to be introduced in  Africa.

Being a founder of the company she is excited and determined to bring much-needed transformation, gender equality, and success into the aviation industry and therefore the South African national economy. She is a firm believer in women’s empowerment and takes every opportunity available to see that they are economically supported to take control of their businesses and be counted in overall economic contribution.

A passionate aviator, Zehiera is looking forward to transferring and sharing her dreams and business skills with the market and see the industry grow and contribute to the economy. She is enthusiastic and looking forward to introducing new routes and destinations that will form part of the scheduled airline, allowing more passengers to experience and enjoy the convenience of local and international travel. It’s exciting and promising times ahead for this airline, which aims to be competitive so keep watching this space.

Javed Malik
Email:, Mobile: +27 (0)81 744 8629

” To most people, the Sky is their limit, To those who Loves Aviation, Sky is the Home,”

A transformation agent, he understands this as a key factor for success and supports the inclusion of young blood and skills transfer in the domestic aviation industry.

He has made a name for himself in South Africa (and in Africa) where he is mostly remembered for accomplishing several things in the aviation sector.

Furthermore, he was directly involved in the licensing process of the aviation company between the Department of Transport and the South African Civil Aviation Authority, giving a great understanding of the corporate governance in the aviation industry. Malik was involved in the discussions and planning around the airport , including consulting with clients, aircraft owners, airport authorities, and civil aviation authorities, and related services.

He brings a wealth of experience gained from exposure and years of practical work in the local, as well as the African continent and international markets. Malik is a former Chairman of the Brics Aviation and Black Business Transport Committee. He speaks about aviation at local and international platforms.

Enjoys strong relationships with various state institutions and major fuel suppliers, International and Local leasing companies (and many other influential groups and networks) as well as large media houses.

He advocates for the development and progress of previously disadvantaged people and their economic welfare.

In his spare time, he writes on challenges, transformation, and lack of skills in aviation besides race relations, politics, and the travel and tourism industry.


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