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Cargo Services

Cobra Aviation Group handles all kinds of charters. From those consignments which are too time critical to use any other form of transport to normal cargo that can be delivered in a number of days, including dangerous goods and hazardous materials, heavy and large size cargo. humanitarian relief, remote destinations, etc.

Relief Charter Cargo

Relief cargo such as water, food, tools, and tents, and Mercenary to natural disaster areas, drought, and hunger-stricken regions of the world.

Heavy Air Cargo

Should your cargo be larger, we are able to offer you multiple types of cargo aircraft available

Ilyushin– IL76 up to 40 Tone

Antonov- AN 12 BK up to 20 Tone

Antonov– ANT 124 up to 5 Tone

Antonov- ANT 26 up to 5.500 kg

Antonov- ANT 32 up to 7.000 kg

Antonov-ANT 124-150 up to 150 Tone

Boeing-747/400 up to 100 Tone

Boeing-747/200 up to 80 Tone

Boeing-737/300 up to 17 Tone

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